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Mathematics Video Library

If you would like a personalized math video created for a particular concept, please see my new company website: On Demand Curriculum


Camtasia Videos I have Created

*I have created over 1000 professional Camtasia videos, but the companies I created them for now own those videos


Intro to Functions

Application Quad Formula1


Doceri 2.0

Doceri (iPad app) Videos I have Created

Compare Adding, Solving and Simplifying Rational Expressions/Equations MORE TO COME!
Intro to Square and Cube roots Simplifying radicals

Radicals with Variables

Subtracting radicals EX1

Domain of radicals

Subtracting radicals EX2
Multiplying radicals Rationalize the Denominator
Divide radicals EX1 Divide radicals EX2
Graphing Parabolas Graping in vertex form
Quadratic Formula 1 Derive Quadratic Formula
Quadratic Formula 2 Finding the discriminant
Rate-Time-Distance1 Rate-Time-Distance2

Doceri (iPad app) and Lumens Videos I have Created with Quizzing - I used Camtasia for Quizzing

Graphing Exponential Functions Finding an Algebraic Inverse
Arithmetic of Functions Introduction to Inverse Operations




Lumens Document Camera Videos I have created

*When you click on the title, the movie will download

Algebraic Inverses

Finding Inverses

Inverse Functions
Lines Vs. Parabolas
Vertex Form of a Parabola
Vertex Formula

Other Types of Online Content I have Created

Flash Animations
Livescribe pencasts
Hyperstudio Animations

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