Arithmetic Tutorials

The focus of these animated tutorials is to help students understand the operations used in Arithmetic, rather than just memorizing the steps. This is accomplished through the use of visualization and animation to connect the algorithms to common manipulatives found in elementary classrooms.

Visual Definitions of Addition  
  Unite Sets
  Count Forward
Visual Definitions of Subtraction  
  Missing Addend
Visual Definitions of Multiplication  
  Repeated Addition
  Cartesian Product
Visual Definitions of Division  
  Count Elements
  Count Sets
Whole Numbers  
  Base Ten Blocks
  Two-Digit Addition
  Two-Digit Subtraction
  Two-Digit Multiplication
  Two-Digit Division
  Alternate Bases
  Naming of the Parts of an Equation
  Introduction to Signed Numbers and Absolute Value
  Adding Integers
  Subtracting Integers
  Adding and Subtracting Integers on a Number Line
  Multiplying Integers
  Dividing Integers
  Visualization of Fractions
  Numerator and Denominator
  Improper Fractions
  Equivalent Fractions
  Adding Fractions
  Subtracting Fractions
  Multiplying Fractions
  Dividing Fractions
  Converting Fractions to Percents
  Converting Fractions to Terminating Decimals

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All tutorials designed and created by: Sue Glascoe

These tutorials were designed to help students visualize the concepts of arithmetic using concrete tools/objects and animation (the animations require the Flash plug-in for your browser). I originally created them to be used as tutorials for my Math For Elementary Teachers course (MAT 156) at MCC, but I believe they will also be useful for students having difficulty understanding some of the topics in arithmetic. They are strictly introductory in nature; helping students visualize the basic concepts, rather than to challenge their skills.

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