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Some of the pencasts wil be in .pencast format and can be download onto your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, then use the FREE pencast player available through iTunes to view them.
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Arithmetic Topics

*Link to Algebra Topics

place value factoring convert frac/dec/per
addition GCF and LCM integers
subtraction fractions real numbers
multiplication decimals applications
division percents geometry


Pencast topic Link on
community site
pencast for iOS or *PDF pencast
long division (compared to algebraic long division) EX1 Livescribe  
long division (compared to algebraic long division) EX2 Livescribe  

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factoring and prime factoring Livescribe  

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simplifying fractions (and rational expressions) Livescribe
adding fractions w/ common denominator Livescribe  
adding mixed fractions Livescribe  
subtracting mixed fractions Livescribe  
multiplying fractions visually Livescribe  
multiplying fractions EX1 Livescribe  
multiplying fractions (and rational expressions) EX2 Livescribe  
cross cancelling when multiplying fractions Livescribe  
multiplying mixed fractions EX 1 Livescribe  
multiplying mixed fractions EX 2 Livescribe  
dividing fractions EX 1 (why) Livescribe  
dividing fractions (and rational expressions) EX 2 Livescribe  
dividing fractions EX 3 Livescribe  
dividing mixed fractions EX 1 Livescribe  

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solving percents Livescribe  

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percents and decimals EX 1 Livescribe  

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application: percent decrease Livescribe  

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