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Embedding Livescribe pencasts and original text in the same (PDF) file!

Here is a link to a PDF I created to try it out!


Here are the workaround steps to start with an original document (saved as a PDF), write on the printed document with a Livescribe smartpen, then add the pencast to the document and re-save it as a PDF with an embedded pencast:


1. Save document in PDF format

2. Print document onto 8.5x11 Livescribe dot paper

3. Annotate pages with handwriting and spoken comments using Paper Replay

4. Use Connect to save the file to the desktop as a Pencast PDF

5. Convert original PDF into JPEG images using free online utility Zamzar (

6. Open Pencast PDF in PDF Pro (
  - PDF Pro is Windows compatible only, but Adobe Acrobat Pro works on Windows and Mac. You must be able to add a watermark to a PDF file.

7. Insert JPEG images as watermarks (each page can have a different JPEG watermark)
  - Rotate: 0 degrees
  - Opacity: 100%
  - Scale: 48% [Note: This value varies depending upon the resolution of your JPEG image. Tweak it until the background image matches the page size.]

8. Save the file

9. Open new file in Acrobat Reader (you must use Acrobat Reader 10 or higher to view the pencast PDF)

*Thank you Andy!!